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What are the perks of becoming a member of the EP SIG mentorship program?

  • Individual mentoring from an established Arizona professional

  • Access to the Professional Action Plan

  • Networking with the PT community

  • Staying up to date on Arizona social events

Not a member yet? 
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When treating in the orthopedic setting there are a wide variety of impairments and diagnoses you will see. Clinicians use various techniques or approaches to address the needs of their patients. Whether you are looking for guidance with improving your clinical diagnosis skills or developing your treatment style and implementation, we have a mentor for you!

Pelvic Rehab

Pelvic rehabilitation is a non-surgical approach to treating the dysfunctions of the pelvis that contribute to bowel, bladder, sexual dysfunction, and pain complaints. Practitioners who work in this specialty niche have expanded their knowledge with continuing education and are ready to cultivate relationships with other individuals in this growing specialty.


Neurology is a huge component of all PT! Whether you are an inpatient, outpatient, or SNF professional, chances are you will need to know more about this section. Find your Neuro mentor today!  

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